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We do things different ’round here…

In 2013, our family decided to do something different. We decided to move from a wonderful home in the Clearwater, Florida area to a raw piece of land on a dirt road. A few years later, we decided to focus more on our diet and started to question where our food comes from and how it was produced. As we went down that path, we discovered a lot of things that we didn’t like and that we didn’t want for our family. We knew that we wanted to change things and to do things different.

What began as a way to produce high-quality food for ourselves turned into something more. It turned into a way to teach our daughters about nature and about the cycle of life and death. It quickly became a different way of living that brought new experiences every day and blossomed into new friendships with some unlikely creatures. It eventually transformed into a business and a new way of doing things. A different way. Our Way.

Real food for real families

What’s on your plate?

In recent years, we’ve become very particular about the food that we eat. We don’t want food that has ingredients that we can’t pronounce, or food that is sprayed with tons of chemicals. We don’t want meat that is injected with hormones, antibiotics, and saline solutions.

After becoming more picky about what we feed our family, we noticed that it’s pretty difficult to get “real” food. Eventually we decided that if we wanted to have real control over our food, the best way to get that control was to grow it ourselves. We put in a small garden and quickly found out that gardening is hard. Our yields were low, the weeds were tall, and it required a ton of effort. Squirrels ate the entire corn crop the first year, crows ate all of the corn seeds we planted the second year, and we lost most of our tomatoes to horn worms the third year.

Yet we continued on this journey. We continued to look for a better way. We wanted to raise our children Our Way.

Eventually we got better, even if only marginally, with our garden. Over the years we also got better with how we raise our animals. We learned hard lessons about predators and had difficult conversations explaining deaths to our young girls, but we are still moving forward. We’re still moving towards a better life, continually improving.

We know that our family isn’t unique. There are millions of others just like us who want to provide the best quality food available to their children. There are parents who are searching for that same nutrient-dense, humanely raised, “real” food. These parents share the same high standards that we have and that’s what led us to start offering our beyond-organic pastured poultry to our local community. Quite simply, if we wouldn’t feed it to our family- we won’t feed it to yours.

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Kick your boots off and get comfortable. Take a look around our website and get to know more about what makes our way of doing things different. Read about how we take care of our chickens and turkeys. Learn about what goes into the feed that our animals receive, and more importantly what is left out of that feed. Check out the photos of our family and decide if Our Way of farming is right for you and your family.

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