Celebrate Thanksgiving with a special meal, done Our Way.

If you like eating our GMO-free, pasture raised chicken, you’re sure to love our turkeys! Just like our chickens, our turkeys are raised out on grass where they get to enjoy the sun, forage, eat grass, bugs and insects. They are fed a high quality GMO-free feed.

Turkeys grazing on chemical-free pasture


We raise a variety of turkey called “Broad breasted Whites”. They’re known for their rapid growth and for their abundance of juicy, flavorful breast meat. In order for the turkeys to be properly sized for a delicious Thanksgiving meal, we receive poults on-farm in early July.


We want your Thanksgiving meal to be stress-free. We also want our animals to live a stress-free life.

That life starts out when we receive the baby turkeys, or poults, in the mail from the hatchery. For the first three weeks of their life, the baby turkeys live in our brooder. The brooder is an enclosed coupe with heat lamps to keep them at 95 degrees. That temperature is eventually reduced as they develop their feathers and they prepare to move into our mobile coupes where they forage on chemical-free pastures.

Turkey poults in the brooder


Once the turkeys are on pasture, they get to enjoy the warm Florida sun (or shade, if they prefer), lush green grass, bugs, worms and insects, and the joy of living outside as intended. They are protected from the wind and the rain as well as from predators. Each day, they are moved to a fresh new area so that they can eat the wonderful salad bar that nature provides.