It’s processing time

chickens eating

It’s time to process another batch of our pasture-raised Cornish Cross chickens. This batch looks great and will provide nutrient packed meals for our family as well as our customers’ families. They’re moved to a new batch of fresh grass each day where they get to eat bugs, forage on clover and other grasses, and enjoy premium non-GMO feed. They live a fantastic life here on the farm and it shows in the results.

Welcome to the farm

Today we welcomed 25 turkeys to the farm. They’ll spend the next four months with us in their deluxe accommodations where they’ll have access to the great outdoors and the pristine views of our pasture. They’ll eat gourmet meals consisting of bugs and insects as well as premium non-GMO feed.

If you are interested in any of these turkeys, they’ll be looking for new homes just before Thanksgiving. 

Baby turkeys arrived on the farm today

Quack, Quack!

Baby ducks

The Peking ducks are growing quickly. A lot quicker than I expected, actually. Overall they seem similar to raising chickens at this point. They’re still scared of everything and they all huddle up together.

The turkeys have moved on.

Turkey poults snacking on grass.

The turkey poults have moved to their new home and are now enjoying their diet of bugs and insects while living on chemical-free pasture. They’ll enjoy the sunshine in their mobile coop while they develop into juicy, delicious Thanksgiving meals. 

Rabbits on Pasture

Our New Zealand baby bunnies have gotten bigger and aren’t quite babies any longer. They’re enjoying their life out on pasture in our modified chicken tractor. The grass is nice and tall and they have a proper all-you-can-eat buffet of chemical-free pasture.

It’s almost time…

Huge tom turkey hanging out

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and the turkeys are huge!

Take a look at the tom in this picture. I’m not sure what he’s going to weigh once he’s processed, but he looks huge to me. Hopefully it’s not just all feathers.