COVID-19 leading to smaller turkeys

I’ll admit, the title of the article is a bit of click-bait. COVID-19 has no effects on poultry, well at least not directly.

There is a shift happening in the major poultry production market, though, as a result of COVID-19. Consumers are travelling less this year and are planning smaller get-togethers with family. As a result, large turkey producers are processing their birds at a younger age and are reducing the protein ratio in their feed so that the birds do not grow as large.
This article from CNN details out the steps being taken by large turkey producers.

What does this mean for small-scale producers? Not much, really. Small producers (like us) produce a premium product. Our customers have made the decision to pay a little more for their turkey in order to get the highest quality available. They want to share it with their whole family and still plan to use the holiday season to spend time with their loved ones. 
If you are interested in a pasture-raised, non-GMO turkey, Our Way Farms is here and has turkeys of all sizes available for you and your family.

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