Baby Bunnies

We’ve had our New Zealand meat rabbits for a little while now and last week we celebrated our first litter of baby bunnies. In a few months, these rabbits will be up to proper size to butcher and put a few pounds of delicious rabbit meat into the freezer.

Tractor Time

Every so often it’s more important to slow down and create memories than it is to be super productive on the farm. Today was one of those days. Papa came over to help with removing a large tree stump and after the work with the tractor was completed, he stuck around to give the girls a ride around the property on the farm tractor.

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Our little turkey

Kaylee, our youngest daughter, performed in her VPK play for Thanksgiving. She had the honor of being one of the turkeys, not just one of the pilgrims. Keep in mind, the turkeys have much more of a role in the performance- they sing the classic “Turkey Time” and get to walk around the entire seating area as they gobble and sing.

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Thanksgiving is getting closer

The Thanksgiving turkeys are getting big. They are enjoying their diet of pesticide-free pasture, GMO-free feed, and bugs / insects. These birds will make a great addition to your holiday meal. They will be available for pickup on the Monday before Thanksgiving so that you have time to brine them with your favorite recipe. They are delivered fresh, not frozen, for optimal flavor.

It’s processing day!

9 lb. processed chicken

Two months after receiving our Cornish Cross chicks from Schlect Hatchery, we ended up with around a hundred pounds of fresh meat for the freezer.

We learned a lot along the way, suffered some losses, and ended up with some amazing pasture-raised poultry that will feed our family in the upcoming days.

I think that we’ll end up changing the feed mixture in future batches of chickens. Some of the birds ended up being a little too large… One tipped the scale at 9 lbs!