It’s processing time

chickens eating

It’s time to process another batch of our pasture-raised Cornish Cross chickens. This batch looks great and will provide nutrient packed meals for our family as well as our customers’ families. They’re moved to a new batch of fresh grass each day where they get to eat bugs, forage on clover and other grasses, and enjoy premium non-GMO feed. They live a fantastic life here on the farm and it shows in the results.

50 baby chicks arrived today

We picked up 50 baby chicks this morning from the local post office. We received 25 Black Sexlink chicks (egg layers) and 25 Jumbo Cornish Cross chicks (meat birds).

We’ve had egg layer chicks before, but this is our first try at running meat birds. Here’s hoping to not screw this up too bad…

baby chickens arrived by mail.