It’s raining, it’s pouring

Well, it may not be raining but there’s water flying through the air (courtesy of a sprinkler). The pouring is done as well. Thank God.

pig pen construction

I’ve developed a pretty lousy attitude towards the local concrete companies. This is the third large pour that I’ve done. The first two pours were over 30 yards each, so I’m used to large projects… In two out of the three pours, we had to order additional concrete. I used a concrete calculator in both instances, took detailed measurements, and even accounted for error on my part. 

For this pour, it was calculated at eight yards. No problem, I’ll order ten yards… That’s plenty of excess to account for any error on my part. If I have extra, I’ll pour a small slab to store things on. No problem.


We endedĀ up having to order two additional yards of concrete and it ended up costing us a few hundred dollars extra. It sure seems like the local companies like to short the trucks on jobs for ‘regular’ folks. I’m sure they don’t pull these kinds of stunts with the large development projects in the area.

That’s enough complaining for one post. The concrete flooring is down. We’ll let it harden up for a day or two and then pull the forms off the outside and cut the control joints into it to help prevent random cracking.

After that, it’s onto the roof framing and sheeting. We might as well work in the shade as much as possible; it’s hot in Florida.

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