Potatoes: a homeschooling lesson

Over the last few days, the girls have been learning about plants, vegetables, and what the different parts of them are. They wrote out a little story, drew some pictures, and today we concluded with going into the aquaponics garden and harvesting the potatoes.

The girls were super excited since they learned that we eat the part that is under the soil, not the greens that are on top. They got their hands dirty and dug around in the garden bed to pick them out. 

Most of the potatoes are the Yukon Gold variety so they’re pretty small, but they should be delicious.

Brianna holding fresh potatoes

You may be wondering why the potatoes are covered in soil, especially since I mentioned they were from the aquaponics garden. We have several beds that are wicking beds. They have lava rock at the bottom of them and a constant water level that flows through them. On top of the lava rock is a layer of weed-block fabric. On top of the weed-block is garden soil. The soil wicks the water up through it and provides moisture to the plants from the bottom up. Since the water is the same water from the fish system, it’s packed with our special organic fertilizer (aka fish poop).

Up next, cleaning off the potatoes and then cooking them up. The girls want to make homemade potato chips as well as homemade French fries. 

Our potato harvest

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